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It's like a super sized Blurst combo meal! Score these four delicious experiences: Time Donkey, Crane Wars, Raptor Safari, and Blush.

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  • Fullscreen Mode
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Cool Things

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Everyone needs taco meat, and there's only one way to get it. Drive your way to victory, or through a cluster of raptors with your bumper.

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A donkey travels back in time against his will upon discovering a hidden portal in a taco fast food joint. It's not ridiculous, it's ridonkeylous.

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In the dark depths of the underwater shadows cast by hideous creatures beyond your wildest imagination is where you'll find true love. Yes.

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A war is waged between two mortal foes: The Union and the Scab. It's a race to the top, or to ultimate destruction. Whoever wins, we lose.

More Details

  • Downloadable versions are available in Windows and Mac OS X builds.
  • Complete Blurst functionality: Leaderboards, Achievements, etc.
  • Lose your files? We provide unlimited redownloads.
  • No DRM!, license keys, activation, or other nonsense.
  • All updates are free, even for major revisions.
  • Time-free sandbox mode (unlocks on web version too).
  • Be a hero, support Blurst! Help us pay rent and groceries.

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