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For Game Developers


Your game on Blurst!

Attention, game developers! Do you have a great game made with Unity, and want to put it in front of the Blurst audience, for sale, with our achievements, leaderboards, and analytics? Let's talk.

Blurst Benefits

Exposure! Your game will be placed in front of the Blurst player audience. We have over 500k player accounts and a mailing list of 100k registered users. Blurst is frequently mentioned by the industry's top news sites and blogs.
Community Features! Blurst has a clean, easy-to-use API for achievements and leaderboards (with more social features on the way, like Facebook/Twitter bragging). Incentivize players to keep playing and to discover new ways to play.
Unity Libraries! If you're still developing your game, Blurst also maintains a multi-game library for common functionality like advanced combo scoring, record keeping, and sound management. Accelerate your development with the same libraries we use!
Sell Your Game! Blurst offers a unique purchase/download system that provides customized builds for each player who buys your game. Purchasing your game is an easy 1-step process. You keep the vast majority of profits.

Who/What is Blurst?

We're making the assumption that you know who we are, if you're reading this. Maybe that's not the case! In a nutshell: Blurst is an experimental game portfolio by Flashbang Studios.

Most of the games here were made in 8 weeks. We'd love to help other Unity developers get their own wacky game ideas out there for the playing public to enjoy. We have a lot of technology and expertise built to help you do this!

Are You a Publisher?

No. We aren't looking to act as a publisher. We aren't interested in owning your IP; and we can't help fund your development.

We aren't after exclusivity, either. We're basically one option of many to get your Unity game out there. Our players want more games. You make games. It works! You should totally take your game other places too.

Analytics and Expertise

We collect a lot of analytics in our system (this is especially true if you use our scoring APIs). This is an awesome resource when it comes to tuning your games--we can help with private beta deployment, when it comes time to get things just right--and in understanding your players.

We would be happy to connect you with Blurst players to get feedback on your title, as well as provide our own feedback on what you can do to improve your game.

Blurst Appropriate

We should warn you that we're going to be picky. We're specifically looking for games that will mesh will with our existing portfolio. It's hard to pin down what makes a Blurst game a Blurst game, but we feel like you can play our portfolio to get a pretty good idea of what that is.

If you're sitting on just such a game, please get in touch!

At this time we are Unity-only. If you have amazing Flash games and would like to help port the Blurst APIs to Flash, please contact us too.

Submit your game!
Drop us an email! Ideally you will have a complete, fully playable version of your game. If not, please paste what you have and we'll try to get you some feedback. We're busy, but we try to respond in a reasonable timeframe.

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