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May 1st on Blurst: Paper Moon


A Collaboration: Paper Moon Launching May 1st

Posted to Games by Matthew on April 28th, 2009

We spilled the beans in this Wall Street Journal article:  Blurst’s next game is a collaboration with Alec Holowka (of Aquaria / Bit-Blot / Infinite Ammo fame):  Paper Moon!

Paper Moon was originally created for the GAMMA 3D show.  Alec’s team created the GAMMA version, with additional artwork from the awesome Adam Saltsman.  We’ve been hard at work on an updated version here at Blurst, with a good portion of the company working on adding new levels, puzzles, sounds, and Blurst leaderboard/achievement integration.  Alec himself flew down from Canada to help wrap the build we’ll be pushing live this Friday.

Alec has posted some more details about the new features over at the Infinite Ammo blog.

We’re pretty excited about Paper Moon’s launch!  The game will go live this Friday, May 1st, as our next Blurst game with complete achievement/leaderboard integration.


  • Patrick

    Where can we play it in 3D?

  • Matthew

    HelloDentist: You can play Paper Moon with an Xbox 360 controller, yes. Not sure offhand how those buttons will map to other controllers...

  • I'd love for some custom avatars. Is USB controller support a possibility? That would rule. Obviously not necessary, but I think Off-Road Velociraptor would benefit from it some.

  • Matthew

    We'll be talking more about subscriptions as the summer rolls on. Some of the benefits will be additional game features (downloadable versions, extra game modes), and some will be community features (additional forum avatars, special leaderboards, etc).

  • MuscleSpark

    I can't wait to subscribe!
    What are the advantages though?

  • Socapex_2K

    Hopefully you'll accept Paypal for the subscriptions? And congrats for the Wall Street Journal apparition!

  • soad667

    Wow, that came out from nowhere!
    Really good news, can't wait to see it... ;)

  • Good to see more Gamma games seeing the light of day! (not that merely seeing the darkness of a cool bar and dance party in Montreal is THAT bad of a fate...)

    I think people will really dig this one, and it'll make a nice addition to the Blurst family.

  • chesh

    Oh man, I loved the demo so much. Is the full version going to have 3-D support?

  • That's so amazing. It looks completely unlike any of your games!

    P.S. I've got $20 aside for my subscription, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

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