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Blush Released!

Posted to Games by Steve on March 2nd, 2009

Blush is live!

Head over here to play Blush, our latest 8-week game creation.

For those of you who haven’t been following us on Twitter, or in the increasingly active UStream chat, Blush is a free game about the underwater exploits of a physics based squid (or Crystalline Attack Sperm, depending on who you talk to.) As you collect eggs and return them to the various glowing catchers, your tentacles grow longer and your speed increases. By the end of the game, you’re brawling against some rather sizable critters. We’ll let you discover just how large and how many for yourselves!

So that’s one 8-week game done, five to go. Whew! Thanks for believing in us, Internet!




  • Titan

    i would love it play this game without a time to test the blush limit

  • Has iPod

    any chance of this coming to iPod Touch or iPhone?

  • Tratos

    Blush is a great game kinda would like to see it without a time limit so that we could just explore the area and grow our jelly. this game is really cool just would like to be able to play it as long as possible. I do like the time limit side of the game. the art work is cool it really look like it is under water. Thanks for the fun!!!!

  • Beautiful game that plays beautifully. I really like how simple this game is at its core, but its just executed so damn well. KUDOS!

    I'm looking forward to your other releases this year with great anticipation, no pressure, heh.

  • Great looking game and experience. The visuals and shaders are used extremely well in this one.

  • This game is truly amazing i mean this is so uniqe and the use of the music and phys engine is amazing i just need one answer is there a free mode with no time limit i dont really know

  • PHArZ

    is There like a free mode without a time limit

  • Kaelis

    I was told this is the best place to post feedback, so here we go.

    I really like the game, its graphic style and the idea of hitting/catching stuff with tentacles controlled by mouse movement. I wish it was more than just another score based game, though - more stuff to do, more gameplay, more variety.

    Some thoughts:
    - Options to pause the game and restart it would be appreciated.
    - Physics behind tentacles is rather wonky; the longer they get, the more error prone they are, especially if you wave them around very fast. Things like a tentacle parts suddenly 'ricocheting' all over the place, tentacles passing through eggs, enemies, or even rocks, fps drops. Once youve collected ~80 eggs without loosing any tentacles, it becomes very hard to keep them 'in order'; i often find myself purposefully looking for an opportunity to trim them.
    - Eggs attached to tentacles colliding with other eggs, often resulting in eggs being launched through water instead of catched. Might be just me, but this is quite annoying.
    - Camera leaves something to be desired. Its neat to have autozoom that lets you marvel at stuff up close and personal, but it often leads to not knowing whats ahead/around of you, especially when making sudden movements. Kind of spoils the experience of freedom of movement, imo.
    - I feel theres very little incentive to venture to the bottom - eggs that get dropped on the ground are hard to pick up, dragons rarely spawn there, theres no drop-off point nearby, and sometimes nothing spawns there at all.
    - Eggs dropped from enemies killed near rocks sometimes spawn inside those rocks.
    - Enemies (and sometimes eggs) disappearing when out of screen. Very noticeable in the case of sea dragons - you see a dragon, swim away a bit, get back and suddenly its not there anymore.
    - Sea dragons and eels sometimes spawn with their tails inside rocks, and are unable to swim away.
    - I think its a bit too easy to loose your long tentacles to some random jellyfish or octopus later one, and once that happens, its usually game over. This is due to the mentioned tentacle and camera issues, coupled with the fact that tentacles wrap around small objects. Id like to think that a single jellyfish shouldnt be the most dangerous denizen of Blush world =P

  • @Isaac There's an option to go fullscreen when you right click.

  • I heard a rumor that this can be played in full-screen mode somehow. Is that true? It would sure enhance the play experience for me, since I seem to be prone to getting the mouse over other parts of the browser window and clicking elsewhere inadvertently (because I am lame).

  • Love it!

  • I am intrigued by how you finance and collect revenue from these games. I work full time currently but just got the windows beta of Unity a couple weeks ago. I would like to create Free educational games using Unity and integrate with an achievement system like you have so learning is fun. Your jetpack brontosaurus is quite a technical feat. Any tutorials or information you share is most appreciated. Great work guys!

  • keith

    I can't play. Whenever I try to run the game I get an error stating, "invalid file. Data file is corrupt (not a utility web player file) :-|

  • Congrats on a truly great game!

    The pacing and re-playability are just perfect. I had to force myself to stop so I could get some work done :)

  • soad667

    Nice, the only issue that was bothering me yesterday (mentioned it on FwF too) had to do with the achievement icons that weren't appearing properly. This seems to be fixed now. Keep up, FBS...

  • Oli

    Playerplugin need Admin rights to install.
    No way :-(

  • Russell

    BLURST, I am forever in your debt. I thought the internet was done with creativity.

  • @BMcC: Should be working fine now. If not let me know. :)

    @Yilmaz Kiymaz: Thanks :) All of the music in Blush can be found on DannyB's site,

  • Guys.. you amaze us once again. The feel to Blurst games are so unique, so full of that refreshing experience that I can't stop myself from stopping by and playing your games every day. Also your mastery over the Unity engine (which I've been using since 3 months ago) is remarkable.

    Would you guys consider releasing the soundtrack for Blurst by any chance? That alluring music won't stop playing in my head :D
    Keep up the amazing work.


  • Matthew

    No ETA on fix yet--we're working on putting Vista on a similar box here at the office. Until then hit Q to play in medium quality.

  • D'oh, I just noticed I was beaten to the TIGS post punch!

    Another excuse to spam your blog.

    One love, you Barons of Blurst, you Flashers of Bang.

  • Hm, the visual quality bug affects me! What's the ETA on the fix?


    Also, the music breaks if you wait too long.

  • Congrats, Flashbang! You guys never cease to impress.

    I shall be posting this on TIGS forthwith.


    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
    Did I mention awesome?

    But...I'm still having problems getting it to run in high quality. Other than that, I'm loving it.

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