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Announcing Our Next Game: Blush

Posted to Games by Matthew on January 21st, 2009

We’ve been at hard at work in the new year, prototyping game ideas and deciding what our next game for Blurst is going to be.  This week marked our changeover from prototyping to production on a new concept:


More details will be posted here; bookmark the blog or follow us on Twitter.  We’re aiming for simple gameplay:  destroy enemies and collect their powers to increase your own.  This first test footage includes some visual ideas and gives you an idea of the tentacle physics:

Blush (First Test Footage) from Flashbang Studios on Vimeo.

Blush will be released here at on March 1st, 2009.


  • There is a blushing cure to help eliminate the need to blush all the time.

    Smiling is normal for most people (OK, there are some people who are the
    exception to the rule!). But for a lot of people, they can't help but
    blush when someone looks at them.

  • adam

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a sperm. The tail physics look awesome, and the game in general, but the head is too much; maybe it could look more like a jellyfish or squid or something.

  • Colin

    Looks cool, Loving it already. Just looked at the Audio, love track one but the high pitched ending goes on for too long.

  • Matthew

    Haruspex: Actually, Jetpack Bronto was left out because we should be rolling out new branding/logos for it later this week (we never got around to doing "real" ones)...

  • Haruspex

    Naming, in my mind, what the tentacle creature looks to me caused me to also realize my own reason for the title of the game. It's looking great. I'm glad you chose to show the dev screen. Watching the variables and collision boxes is very entertaining. Good luck guys!

    By the way, it's interesting how you mention your "big name" games, MCS and ORVS, but leave out my favorite: Jetpack Brontosaurus :(

  • Looks rad. BEN RUIZ IS MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew

    We'll have some more Blush info soon--our internal target is to have a roughly playable game by the end of next week (so we have plenty of time to produce things, instead of answer questions about what to do).

    The remaining Blurst features--leaderboards, achievements, etc--are planned sometime soon. It was supposed to happen over the holiday break, but unfortunately life got in the way and killed a lot of my time. Whoops! The near-term launch will cover the placeholder content, and then a second launch will happen in April with forums and new stuff.

  • soad667

    Great news! A new game from FBS is always something to keep an eye on...
    Can't wait to see more info before the grand finale (which goes for the game's release).

    Btw, i keep checking/pressing register every time i open Blurst, just in case. Any hint on when the big bang will take place?

    Keep up the good work......

  • Can't wait to play it.

    (The above comment looks weird because it's a trackback.)

  • Segev

    OK sorry the video now works, guess it was a temporary issue, looks great, I really like the physics!

  • Segev

    Vimeo is blocking independent game studios, same happened for 2D Boy and Wolfire, guess you guys should use the old fashion youtube? it has HD now anyway. About the concept, sounds cool but is the player growing in size when collecting powers?

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